IPhone Data Recovery

I Have been using karim for my IT needs for a long
time now, but for some reason I took my IPhone 5 to
my local shop when the screen broke. When I got my
phone back I found that all of my data had been wiped.
I had never “backed up” the phone and thought all was
lost (Esp my Kids pictures) One call to Karim and I
dropped the phone to him, 24hrs Later all of my Pictures
Messages contacts had been restored.

  Absolutely Amazing!!

– Khurum Yaqub (B & Q Store manager)

  SSD Upgrade

My Laptop had started to get very slow, as I was using it
for my studies it was used a lot. I started to think that
it was time to buy a new PC, The laptop wasn’t that old,
but when I had taken it to a major PC superstore, they I
informed me it would be better to buy a new laptop, sceptical
I asked a friend who gave me Karims number, i contacted Karim and
after asking me a few questions about the laptop Karim thought it would be best he took a look, as from what I told him he said it didn’t sound that old (it was approx. 2 years old)
so I dropped the laptop off to him for some diagnostics, he contacted me the next morning with some news. He said his tests had found that two things were happening, the laptop
was overheating and my Hard drive was failing. it would require a new hard drive, he suggested a SSD, which although was smaller capacity compared to my existing Hard drive, the amount
of space I had used anyway (over the two years) was far less then the new SSD which would also get the laptop running very fast and reduce the amount of heat being produced. I said go ahead.
another 24 hrs later and I received a call to collect the laptop.

I couldn’t believe it was the same laptop, switching it on was almost instant, opening Word was so fast I had to try a few times to make sure it was some sort of fluke!! and I
saved so much money! I also learned not to use my Laptop on the duvet!

– Marina Hadi (Dietician)

  Word Class Support

Karim saved my life, I had accounts on my laptop to take to my Accountants, on the way I spilled my coffee on my laptop bag, the laptop would not switch on.
I took it to a local PC Shop … not very helpful to say the least in despair I checked Yell and found Kure-IT after speaking to Karim I dropped the laptop off to him and awaited a call, 2 hours later he said the data was fine, and he may be able to revive the laptop and to leave it with him over the next 24 hours, as I was desperate for the Accounts, he kindly recovered what I needed and gave me a USB stick with the data on it which I collected that day !

The following day Karim called to say the laptop was Alive again and I could collect it any time.
I was charged for 2 hours work, i would have paid 10!

– Darren Tomlin

  very reliable and efficient service

This is a very reliable and efficient service.
I have been using Karim for the past few years and have
had no problem with him.
I have had multiple viruses on my computer and was unable to
install new programmes, Karim fixed the problem within a
day and the computer was as good as new.
I recommend his services to everyone. You won’t be disappointed

– Mokbul Ahmed (Dental Technician Www.labtechdental.co.uk)

Amazing response and very professional

Amazing response and very professional , in my first year of my law degree my laptop crashed and could not get it back on , one call to karim had it up and running in a Matter of hours and saved all my seminar work too priceless thank you so much

– Ms hasiba sheik law student Brighton university

  Nothing comes close!